Web Development

If you want to go beyond basic information on your web site, and make your web site a useful tool in your marketing, sales and customer service areas, you need to have a dynamic web site.

Our strength is our ability to discuss and understand what makes your business tick, and develop applications that integrate with your web site, making it far more appealing and useful to your prospective customers and current customers and resellers or channel partners.

Our current skills-set includes the expertise in the following web development technologies:

Web Site Development Services
PHP, PHP Drupal, SQL, COM, DCOM, JavaScript,, DLL Development, HTML,D HTML CSS, .NET 2.0, VB 

Operating Systems: 
Windows 2000, 98, 95, NT, XP

Web Application Servers: 
Apache Web server, Microsoft IIS.

Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, MYSQL, Postgre



Whats New

Latest Hotel Management Solution..(Demo)
Fully Loaded NuPhoton Website
3D Graphically Loaded FJD Tours Website
Fully Dynamic comprising of mini websites of all internal organizations St Thomas Malad Church Website

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