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Portals are often the first page your web browser which loads when you start up your web browser, like Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc. The term "web portal" began to be used to describe mega-sites such as Yahoo, Excite, MSN, Netscape Netcenter and AOL because many users used them as a "starting point" or "entry point" for their web surfing.

We provide our services in B2B Websites

 Globalmfg World.com - a trading portal that acts an online marketplace where people can buy and sell their products and carry on business online

  Deal4estates.com - a Real Estate Portal

  Jobztarget.com - a Job Portal

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Latest Hotel Management Solution..(Demo)
Fully Loaded NuPhoton Website
3D Graphically Loaded FJD Tours Website
Fully Dynamic comprising of mini websites of all internal organizations St Thomas Malad Church Website

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