Vehicle Database Management System

Technololgy :- Asp.Net Sql 2008

VDMS is developed and customized for commercial fleet owners and organizations. Its modules support most type of vehicles hiring (cars, Truck, buses and other commercial vehicles). It really increases your business values and also reduces your record maintainig efforts.



Track your tax-deductible business.
Eliminate costly unscheduled maintenance. 
Reduces record maintainig cost & efforts.
Keep accurate records for any type of vehicle. 
Help you plan annual vehicle budgets faster, easier and more accurately.
Keep track of your contractual [charges] details with Party. 
Keep track of Party [Companybased / individualbased] invoce & detailed invoice.


List of Modules:

Client details,
Vehicle details,
Vehicle Charges details,
Tax Handling,
Log Informations,



Log Report [Vehicle Wise]
Monthly Invoice, [Companybase / Individualbase]
Supplimentry Invoice, [Companybase / Individualbase]
Detailed Invoice, [Companybase / Individualbase]
List of Clients
Client Charges Detail
List of Vehicles.

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