Cattle Database Management System (CDMS)




CDMS is developed and customized for Gaushala. Its modules support most type of Gaushalas. CDMS helps to maintain Cattle database, its daily milk and ghee production detail, daily Milk and Ghee Distribution detail, daily issued and widrawl coupan details. CDMS also helps you to get Daily Production, Distribution, Expense, On hand balance detail. CDMS is time, cost and effort saving as per our client review.


- Eliminate costly unscheduled maintenance.
- Reduces record maintainig time, cost & efforts.
- Keep details of all cattles with its history, Health Information.
- Keep details of Daily Milk, Ghee Production and Distribution.
- Keep Details of Daily Khuragi expenses detail.
- Maintain Issued Coupan details for Milk and Ghee. [To Client/Employee]
- Get Daily Production, Distribution, Khurag, Summery report.
- Maintain Party & Employees Details.
- Keep track of your contractual [charges] details with Party.
- Stock Maintenance.
- Account handling.

List of Modules:

- Cattle Information handling [Masters, Current Status, Health Information, History].
- Khurag Information handling [Masters, Daily use, Expenses]
- Coupan Information handling [Coupan Rates, Issued Coupan Detail, Daily Coupan Widrawl Detail]
- Daily Production handling [Milk, Ghee]
- Daily Distribution handling [Milk, Ghee]
- Daily Summery [Production, Distribution, Expenses, Earning].
- Stock Maintenance.
- Account Handling.
- Utility.

Utility [Reports]:

- Milk and Ghee Production Report. [Daily, Monthly, Yearly]
- Milk and Ghee Distribution Report. [Daily, Monthly, Yearly]
- Khuragi Expense Report. [Daily, Monthly, Yearly]
- Daily Summery Report. [Daily]
- Cattles Current Status Report. 
- Total Available cattles Report.
- Cattle History Report.
- Cattle Health Report.
- Issued Coupans Detail Report. [Daily, Monthly, Yearly]
- Coupanbased Distribution Report. [Daily, Monthly, Yearly]
- Cattle's total milk production report. [Monthly, Yearly]

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